Today has been a write off.  Tramadol has been the drug of choice and, as its encouraged sleep, it has pretty much done the job of reducing pain.  Not that I’ve spent hours comotosed.  Just a couple.

I’m still waiting for the hospital to confirm my request for radiotherapy.  The nursing staff are more comfortable focusing on pain relief and seem to think slow release morphine is the route to take.  Overnight, maybe.  Daytime, no.

The pain is not new.  It’s just frustrating because previous attacks have gone away as drugs have changed.  Spinal surgery helped.  Afatinib was excellent until it failed.  Osimertinib provided relief within days.  As did chemotherapy.  But now I have none of those treatments.  Medication change is a few weeks off.  Even radiotherapy, if prescribed, is probably a couple of weeks off.

My concern is that I now face an extended period of pain and drugs until they agree the next treatment.  That’s quite tough.  The idea of being spaced out when I want to drive isn’t great.  The idea of not driving also makes me unhappy.  But if I’m on this stuff I am pretty much stuck.

Maybe the heat in the tumour will fade before it’s treated .  But that seems unlikely.