It’s my assumption that radiotherapy should be the next step for the unpleasant pain I’ve continued to experience through another night.

I know it’s an expensive treatment.  But it’s worked beautifully for me for a two month period until the pain returned.

While hospital nurses have given pain relief advice, their promises to ask about more significant action against my pain are yet to result in any further communication with me.

Maybe it’s possible that radiotherapy isn’t the way forwards here.  But Oncobabe certainly hinted at the option earlier in the week.  Before my niggle became a scorching pain, beating out agony with every pulse.  I suppose, if I’m to get the immunotherapy drug soon, that might solve things.  But the early removal of this agony cannot come soon enough.  And I need a biopsy before immunotherapy.

A phone call of clarity would be nice.  Even if not from Oncobabe herself.  “You’ve got an appointment to be zapped next week” or “we’re hoping to get an early prescription of the immunotherapy pill which should relieve the pain” would be nice.  Yesterday’s chat about morphine and making my constipation unbearably worse doesn’t really cut it.

But if they don’t want to zap me, they need something better than opioids messing with my waking hours.