I don’t recall ever being kicked by one of our equine friends.  But this morning I’ve woken up feeling like I have.  Hard.

The butt niggle has evolved through the night.  Firing itself up to make the early morning painful as, presumably, a tumour dances around my pelvis in a most uncomfortable way.

Painkillers due in twenty minutes will bring some relief.  But they’ll  also sedate me a little and add to the curse of constipation.  Regardless, tramadol is very necessary.  I’m not  averse to using up a morphine twelve hour pill instead.  But that will knock me out.

I’m confused as to how I flag this up.  I have three phone numbers to go at.  The chemo ward.  The emergency ward.  The MacMillan nurses mobile number.  Given that my diagnosis is tumour pain and my solution is radiotherapy again I think I need to contact the chemo ward to start the slow process of radiotherapy referral.  In two weeks this pain might go away if the radiotherapy works again.  In the meantime, my drug use is going to increase heavily.

And right now, the pain is pretty high on the scale.