I think it’s about twenty weeks since I first advised my GP that I’m stone deaf in my right ear.  I’d thought it would go away when the Bell’s palsy departs.  Alas, neither have happened.

A couple of weeks back, I attended an audiologist meeting.  That report seems to have got back to my specialist who has stunned me with a letter confirming my right ear is deaf as a post.  I’m fairly sure I’d already mentioned this to him.

My medical treatment has involved numerous hospitals.  Two in Leeds..  Yorkshire Clinic.   Halifax.  Huddersfield.  Now a new one.  The deaf man unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary.  My tour of West Yorkshire medical facilities continues.

My assumption is that this will lead to a hearing aid.  That said, most of my treatment assumptions have been wrong so far so I’m probably getting ahead of myself.

Frustratingly, new hospital means pay for parking.  I don’t think they’ll give me a freebie if I produce my Huddersfield/Halifax cancer parking voucher for a hearing appointment in Bradford.

Maybe I should play deaf until they give up and issue a freebie out of frustration.