The football season seems to last a long time when you’re an Oldham Athletic fan.  You find yourself watching a series of disappointing matches, interspersed with the occasional moment of sublime beauty and eventually avoid relegation with two games to spare.  Every five years or so you might giant kill somebody in the FA Cup.

It’s season ticket renewal time at Boundary Park.  Which raises the question is it worth paying for a season if the life expectancy chart is writing me off before Christmas?  The logical financial answer is “not really”.

The matter is confused somewhat by a buy now save a decent wedge of money offer.  Pay for a season and it works out at £12 a game, if I make it to every game.  Pay on the day is a rather shocking £24.

I’m yet to establish carer status too.  A handful of matches this season I’ve been able to use my receipt of full Personal Independence Payment benefit to obtain a free carer ticket if I pay full price myself.  If this applies for season tickets Chris gets a freebie.

Suddenly it looks more interesting as a financial proposition.  If the new drug I mentioned yesterday works I might even get to the end of next season before they wheel me into a hospice for my last week or two.

Ultimately emotion wins.  Saturday football is a key part of my life.  Last year I bought a season ticket to stick two fingers up at lung cancer.  Nothing changes this time around.  I’m going to buy again.

Moments like beating Rochdale again waiting to be made.