My right ear is deaf.  As I entered Wetherspoons for an exciting morning date (well, catch up and travel chat with Claire, a friend) my left ear decided to generate its own bubble to make hearing in the left ear bloody difficult.  Squelching noises, the ability to hear my own breathing very loudly.  Difficultly hearing conversation amid the background noise.

Still, we had a good time over eggs benedict, full English, pancakes and refillable coffee.

The main subject of conversation was Claire’s trip planning to South West USA.  She’s already well along the outline planning route but wanted to tap my knowledge of the area.  Three visits, plus Yellowstone, including my last ever departure from the UK last September.

It’s amazing how much I enjoy talking about those trips.  Mistakes made driving too far in a day.  Doing Yosemite was too quickly.  But also the love of the open road, the geological marvels that open up before you as you drive.  And places that you just have to see, such as the Colorado River bend in the photo.

Matt my eldest next.  New home.  Lovely dog.  And cheap petrol at the local Tesco making it a value for money visit.  109.9p a litre!  It’s always good to see my step kids and I’m proud of them both as they work their way through life.

Then the drive to Anglesey.  Tough going.  Music and two nearly deaf ears, doesn’t really work.  Abba seemed to cut through ok.  Clapton less so.  Eventually I reached destination via some mediocre traffic and discovered that either the Easter Bunny or my sister had been in earlier to refresh the place after my last visit.

Still my ear bubbled internally.  Almost intolerably.  It took sleep for it to go away and I didn’t get much of that.  Chemotherapy side effect?  Too much bladder weakness?  Several visits in the night flushing out the chemicals they’ve pumped into me and my kidneys.  But it’s early and I’m tired, but can’t sleep.

Hopefully more hot tub time later will help relax me more.

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