There is little doubt I like this place.  It’s the last property on a small development.

Lambs feeding on a ewe greeted me this morning.  Their tails wagging wildly as they gained access to milk.

The hot tub too.  My space.  My domain.  And then she appeared.  A lady, perhaps in her seventies knocking on the door.  I pondered submerging but realised breathing would be a problem.  The lady was here for a natter with a bloke she’d never seen before.  Admiringly she said “you’re a bit of a boy” as my shorts covered body revealed way too much flesh.

I have no idea what we spoke about.  Deafness and water noise limited the conversation.  I didn’t even catch her name when she shared it.

And while it was all harmless, it was a little reminder to make sure I stay decent while enjoying these facilities.  There are standards I need to keep now that I know I’m under observation!

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