Weekend is nearly upon us.  Driving in the aftermath of chemo session one was a big no.  Session two, doable but only risking short distances.  Today I’m feeling ok, and circumstances encourage a challenge.

Rachel has a mix of family arrangements and social life.  Chris is due back from his Isle of Skye let’s see the Aurora trip (his picture attached of the STEVE phenomenon) while doing a degree tomorrow.  And his transport is taking him to Liverpool.  And Oldham Athletic aren’t playing due to international call ups for the mighty Walsall.

Which leaves me at a potentially loose end.  Next medical appointment is Tuesday.   I’m capable of driving.  Suddenly an opportunity opens up.  Granted, it’s not USA, Chile or Slovenia.  But it’s good.

A breakfast meeting in Oldham.  Nip into Tesco for food and petrol.  Then onto Horwich to see Matt’s (eldest) new gaff which he’s been in for far too long without me popping in.  Then a Friday afternoon-Monday afternoon stay at my sister’s hot tub enabled Anglesey hideaway.

Bacon, eggs, milk, orange juice, bread, ham, butter.  Perhaps a couple of Ginsters for evening.  Then relaxation with views of sheep and countryside.

Hopefully the hot water will ease away the aches and pains.  Hopefully the aches and pains won’t inhibit me accessing the hot tub.  I’m looking forward to he change.

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