Chris arrived in town on time and I managed to give him a tour of the gold post box from the 2012 Olympics before we headed for food.

Pizza Express is one of those places you don’t attend unless you have a series of vouchers and discounted gift cards.  Chris had done well to stock up on these and avoid what would have been a near £50 bill had normal pricing been payable!

He’s away for the next three weekends.  That’s opened up a chance for my tiger experience but he’s going to be missed.  He always lightens my mood and lunch was a good catchup.

My ear seemed to take precedence once we sat down.  Deaf in the right thanks to the Bell’s palsy, echoey in the left.  A near empty restaurant filled with music, a screaming baby and its own echoes as staff scraped chairs, tables and bar stools along the floor.

It was quite a tough experience but I enjoyed this extra time with the offspring, not least the fact he’d made a real effort to get over from Liverpool.  My mind pondered “when did desserts start costing £6 instead of £2.50” and the promised chocolate fudge cake was out of stock.  Gutted.

But we chatted happily, changed nothing in the world and ate well before he returned to Oldham to visit his Mum.

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