Today sees Chris roll into town to treat his old man to lunch.  My social appearances have reduced in recent weeks as the chemo takes its toll, but after being weathered out last week and knowing he’s off to Skye for a couple of weeks coursework it’ll be good to catch up as our weekend routine falters.

It also makes it two kids in two days after I somehow got myself over to Louise yesterday to deliver birthday presents.  The relatively short drive leaving me feeling tired.  Not to mention wondering how I’ve ended up with children having a combined age of 78!

I think the plan today involves Chris utilising public transport to reach me.  There may come a time where I’m unable to shift myself around by car.  That’s an ever so slightly terrifying thought.  Being trapped with no realistic means of transport, or worse still the fear of paying for taxis.  But today I can roll the BMW down into Halifax and find a disabled space within hobbling distance of Pizza Express.

I’m pretty much committed to the chocolate fudge cake.  That might be naughty.  But I’m losing weight despite strict instructions from the chemotherapy notes to maintain mass.  Maybe two portions?

The charity bit