I don’t actually know if this is night 400 of my medically required taping down of my right eye.  But it’ll be close.  No medic told me it was necessary until a cancer nurse suggested it a month or two after Bell’s palsy set in.

Every evening I have to lubricate my eyeball and then utilise surgical tape, 25mm wide, to tape over the right eye.  Failure to do so leaves it itchy, sore and dry through the night.

I’d like to say I achieve closing the eyelid, but I don’t..  I have tried but it simply doesn’t work.  Instead I just cover the whole eye but it remains partially open.  No medic has ever observed my efforts, I’ve just found my own way.  Hopefully it’s correct.

Another part of my bedtime routine is testing myself for cancer pain.  The butt tumour still feels like it’s zapping by radiology was a success.  My right leg feels more mobile.  My limp less pronounced.  My shoulder still hurts a little but not a lot – the doctors never did bother to call me with the news on the X-Ray.  I assume the gradual reduction in pain is a positive thing.

Perhaps my fear of chemotherapy was unfounded.  But it’s still not a solution that promises survival into next year.  Still, minimal pain is good.  I won’t underestimate the value of that.

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