As part of last year’s efforts at international travel I splashed out £450 on an American Express Platinum Chargecard.  £450 was no bargain, but 30,000 Avios, lounge access for two at airports around the world (including half a dozen in Chile) and cooked breakfasts for two at Hilton hotels ensured it worked out at good value for money.  Especially when the game was up, my flying stopped and they refunded me £112.50.

This weekend sees me feeding the tigers at Longleat.  Three hot tub focused hotel nights too, paid for with free nights and 15,000 of the Avios mentioned above.  Those Avios mean Hilton hotel Tewkesbury for a free night, hot tub access and an interesting possibility around breakfast.

I no longer have the Amex card.  Logically I’d assumed handing over cash for breakfast.  But my membership status remains set at Gold for Hilton, which was only offered for having the AMEX card.  And Gold members get free breakfast.

The possibility of saving the best part of £30 and getting another freebie appeals, even if my sense of fair play doesn’t think I should be eligible.

It’ll be infesting to see if they honour the freebie.  Morning sausage is so much nicer when you don’t pay!

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