I think it was trip three on my tour.  Iceland.  The northern lights failed to appear, despite attempts to find a remote parking spot to await their appearance.

Regardless, it was a special trip full of special memories.  And expensive food bills.

Despite my increased infirmity and flight ban, I am able to look back with great joy at the trips I crammed into last year.  Granted, there’s a bit of self-jealousy there in today’s context.  But absolutely no regrets about grasping that last opportunity to travel.

The bigger issue is probably my physical decline.  I could walk for miles a year ago.  Last Monday I needed a wheelchair to get around the hospital.  The fresh air was calling me then, whereas today it simply doesn’t.

It’s  not quite that the joy of travel is gone, it isn’t.  But understanding and managing my own limitations is tough.  More tough when I look back a year and, despite my death sentence having been passed, I was relatively fit, active and able.

Time can change things very suddenly.  Despite cramming in so much last year I now regret not having done even more.  That said, I chose not to have the Bell’s palsy treated privately as I’d have struggled to find time for appointments between trips.

Looking at the state of my face I should regret that too.  But I don’t.

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