A 9am eye appointment.  Irritating because they made me two separate eye appointments on consecutive working days.  Irritating because snow drifts still surround my car.

Regardless, to make it worse, I’ve slept properly from 8pm to around 2am.  Ok number of hours, but in the wrong time zone.  I’ve spent the last five hours drifting into semi slumber and thinking about breakfast.

Saturday’s with Chris have evolved into a Wetherspoon start of the day.  I am now that middle aged bloke who goes to the pub very early!  And I think today needs similar.

The hospital’s Costa Coffee breakfast offering nearly returned rapidly to the plate last week.  A delay for treatment and then a short drive to a disabled parking place in the town centre is needed.

Bacon sandwich and coffee.  Unlimited coffee.  Then pancakes and syrup, but no bacon.  That’s just wrong America!  £4.58.  An hour to mull over the world in my own way.  All ordered by app so I don’t even have to go to the bar.

It might not be fine dining.  But I’ve been lying here for hours thinking about it.

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