Last Wednesday’s session hasn’t quite sent me doolally like the first round.  But it’s certainly knocked me in to slow restful sleepy mode.

Despite the absurd efforts of Scunthorpe’s groundsmen to get yesterday’s huge match against Oldham on, I had neither the energy or enthusiasm to attend.  Chris stayed put in Liverpool and getting out of bed to pay the occasional visit was about my limitation on life.  Football became a Twitter following event between occasional moments of sleep.  A 2-0 away win is a rare thing in the world of Oldham Athletic, but I’m glad we didn’t brave the cold despite the result.

The key for me now is how to return to form.  Lying on a bed feeling somewhere marginally better than semi-conscious is the order of the day.  The snow somehow seems to have returned today which is annoying, not least because I need to self drive to my eye appointment first thing tomorrow.

Like the football yesterday, I’m unable to find a spark within to lift the day.  There’s little doubt chemotherapy takes it out of you.

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