I think I’m in month eighteen of Bell’s palsy.  One day maybe Rachel will see my real smile.

Today I started two visits to the same hospital department.  Braving the snows.  Inconveniently, the second visit to see the consultant is Monday morning.  Hopefully a gentle melt will support such a trip.

I can’t remember the job title of the nice chap who saw me today.  But he gave positive news.  One nerve out of six is working better.  While not a solution to the dreaded palsy in its own right, perhaps there is the possibility of future improvement happening.  Update from the doctor next week!

It’s a tough one.  I assumed this distorted face would correct itself within weeks or months.  Now we’re into year two by some way.  The deafness it has caused is annoying.  The eye issues have improved a little but not righted themselves.  And while they have treatments the only cure is sit, wait and hope for a change.  The record time I’ve now been aware of someone suffering this illness is 20 years.

I’ll gladly take still having it when I’m 68 but my odds of making it there are well below 1%!

Andrew Lloyd Weber suggests taking that look off my face.  I’d love to!


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