As my Bell’s palsy remains uncorrected, I have, weather permitting, two eye appointment tomorrow and Monday.  I’d prefer a more joined up approach involving one trip and two appointments, but that might be asking too much.

Anyway, I don’t really know what they’re for, besides being palsy related follow ups.  It’s good timing, because the right eye is sore again and my GP online service has blocked me accessing anymore eye gunge.  A vicious blow which will hopefully be corrected by the consultant.  I like a tube at home, in car and in Anglesey!

One of the treatments used after the twelve month mark seems to be applying a gold weight to the eyelid to aid closing.  If successful, this reduces the need for eye gunge, supports closing the eye and reduces infection risk.  I can also tell the kids to remove it on death and split the value three ways!

Quite how useful it is remains unclear.  Whether or not the NHS is ready to support this with me I don’t know.  But I’m keen to beat the blizzards to find out.

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