110 donations.  Between £2 and £200.  Most of them with the added top up of Gift Aid from HMRC.

It’s a special effort from everybody who’s donated.  Humbling to say the least.  And I’ve checked a few things with Just Giving and will keep the collection open for as long as possible.

They should ensure Roy Castle receive the first £2,241 of contributions by the end of the week.  Further donations go every week unless the total is less than £100 – in which case it hits the recipient charity monthly.  The Gift Aid, currently over £460, will also arrive monthly.

In other words, your money will start being used by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation very quickly.  I’m more than grateful.

If you wish to donate, or share with friends and colleagues, the link to the Roy Castle fund raising page is here.  Small or large, all amounts of £2 or more are welcome.