The area of my pelvis zapped by radiotherapy hurts.  Granted, a couple of paracetamol manages the pain fine.  But there’s something going on down there that inevitably worries me.

It doesn’t feel like the cancer did.  But the slight improvement in mobility after treatment has reversed itself and there is a soreness that I’d rather not endure.

Using the unqualified art of pure guesswork, it could just be simple bruising from the treatment.  But why has it taken two weeks to manifest itself?  It could be tumour decay.  The nasty cells rotting away inside me.  Or, potentially, it could be a new tumour growing.  It doesn’t have the same biting pain some of my previous tumours have.  But maybe that’s because it’s small and new.

The whole situation is a reminder of the inevitable outcome this disease will have.  And while I can face into that, I’d rather not have to just yet.  I really need to remember I don’t really have a clue what’s happening inside me.

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