I have two high risk moments in life when I retreat to the solitude of Chez Sister Anglesey hideaway.

Getting in to the hot tub and out of the hot tub.

While each step down is probably only an 18 inch drop, there is a need to be careful. I seem to have found a convoluted way to lower myself in one leg at a time.  Stronger left leg down, a little life threatening hop to the left, second leg down and in.

It’s been complicated this week by a slight left elbow strain.  So leaning gently as I would normally is not currently possible.  I’ve no idea what’s caused it, but I’ve had to find another way of supporting myself as I slowly lower myself into the welcoming waters.

Exiting usually happens an hour or so later.  I’ve found a way of leaning on a nearby chair, ensuring it doesn’t move, to keep myself safe as I leave the hot tub.

Pre-illness and I’m fairly sure I’d have hopped in and out with ease, paying jo attention to aches, strains and basic safety.

Regardless, there is little better in life than the effect of the warm water and soothing jets on my body.  It might not be life extending, but it is really appreciated!

Please give generously to my ROY CASTLE LUNG CANCER FOUNDATION effort