My sister’s Anglesey retreat remains a favourite place of mine.  It’s usually available, it’s pretty much free and there’s a hot tub.

When I was here last month I decided to leave a small supply of my own things here.  A little presumptious, but I figured out that they’d be welcome and would reduce my bag carrying requirements next time I’m here.

I left a dressing gown, some painkillers, a couple of pairs of socks and undies and some swim shorts.  The possibility of just turning up with nothing more than some food to put in the fridge opened up.  I could decide on a Saturday night after football to head straight to Anglesey, no problems.

This time I did pack a bag.  Swim shorts included.  Two pairs works well as one can dry on a radiator and I can wear the other under a dressing gown.  My lifestyle here is bed, food, hot tub, repeat.  Leaving the site means going home.

Alas, while everything else is here as I recall leaving it, tucked away in the corner of a wardrobe, the swim shorts are nowhere to be seen.  The good news is that I have brought a second pair with me.  They’ll do, even if I have to reuse them damp on subsequent hot tub trips.

But what on earth has happened to the other swim shorts?  I suppose I’ll find them at home, but I have strong memories of leaving them here.  And if I hadn’t brought a second pair with me, would I have risked naked hot tubbing?  There are no neighbours overlooking.  The farmers are rarely in the adjoining field.  The sheep aren’t close.  Outdoor nudity for medicinal hot tub use only may have become necessary.  Albeit the walk from door to hot tub is short.  I suspect there’s a decency clause in the lease though.

Fortunately it’s not a reality.  I do have some shorts with me.  But it raises the question of do I leave these behind when I head home on Thursday?  The idea of being able to spontaneously head here without packing a bag still appeals.  But shocking the neighbours with my body isn’t something I particularly want to do.

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