The sun has shone brightly today.  Not quite to the point of making the dash from hot tub to front door warm.  But it’s been bright and sitting outside submerged in hot water has been great.

During my afternoon intermission the hospital called.  A cancer nurse checking how I was.  We discussed exciting things like nose bleeds, constipation and holding in a sick feeling only for bright yellow chemo drugs to exit my body via the nostrils rather than the mouth.  A good look in front of my landlord.

She said my Friday blood test has come back okay.  A slight reduction in immune system.  I looked down at my ingrowing toenail and cursed the wound that keeps bleeding.  I need something more exciting than “ingrowing toenail” as cause of death when the time comes.  A reminder to use my anti-bacterial spray.

The nurse tells me she’ll arrange for more laxido sachets to help manage the constipation.  I do have a fair few left anyway.  But it’s the second time I’ve been promised a top up and that first offer of thirteen days ago is yet to materialise.

Still, I seem to feel ok.  That seems like a good thing.

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