Over half my income comes from a permanant health insurance policy I took out when I bought my first house in 1992.  £6.93 a month to give me £550 a month to the age of 62 if I successfully claim.

Hindsight tells me it was a smart financial move.  The claim process was quick and the money started flowing every month fairly soon after my diagnosis and policy deferment period.  My mistake a quarter of a dentury ago was not to tick the box to index link premium and payout.

So far, as promised, they’ve rung me three times to check on my wellbeing.  A nice chap who’s courteous and professional.  The calls tend to last no more than two minutes.  The policy wording, printed on an early 1990s dot matrix, says there will be a two yearly review.  Three monthly doesn’t get mentioned.

My best assumption is that the operating manual for what is now Aviva says “make sure you ring the claimant regularly, because with lung cancer he’s going to be dead pretty soon and we don’t want to lose money if his estate is worthless”.  My assumption is that if I don’t take the calls they will eventually get in touch by letter saying “call us or we’ll assume you’ve croaked”.

It doesn’t particularly bother me.  I have given vague consideration to complaining.  Some might see it as harassment, especially given the policy wording.  But while it remains as it is, it’s tolerable and the money keeps flowing.  And when I do eventually kick the bucket I have supplied a phone number to stop payments of nothing this insurance and the modest Personal Independence Payments that top up my income.

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