Afternoon tea with my sister, brother in law and of course Rachel.  Overlooking the Menai Strait.  Very civilised.  Very British.  Very filling.

I first discovered the pleasure of afternoon tea two years ago.  Newly separated, I hit the dating sites.   My first new date in over twenty years was a nurse.  It formed my MO for some that followed.  A walk followed by afternoon tea in one of the Yorkshire Dales many tea rooms.

While the afternoon was pleasant enough, things started to go wrong over food.  Mainly the bit where the bill came and I discovered that they didn’t accept card payment.  I ran out to my car, emptied my bag of emergency parking money and politely let the lady know she’d have to go halves on the bill.

While we never met again, the simple concept of the tea room stuck with me.  In the right location it is an utterly wonderful experience.  One I’ve now shared twice with Rachel, who didn’t get the tea room routine from me originally.  Sunday lunch was the order of the day post-walk that happy day.

Alas, after today’s tea, Rachel has returned to Yorkshireland and work leaving me to continue my Anglesey experience solo.  And while I’m usually quite happy in my own company and own world, I’m feeling a little lonely tonight.

As a couple, this has been our most visited place away from home.  It’s already packed with happy and simple memories.  While I can stare at the stars solo, it seemed so much more fun with company.

My current plan is to depart Thursday.  The option to shorten or lengthen that timescale remains.

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