Not geographical locations!  I’m struggling over the last few days.  Standing up is uncomfortable.  Sitting down is uncomfortable.  Lying down works, for a bit.  Hot tub works for an hour or so before I feel the need to do something else.

In summary, my weakened pelvic area is driving me nuts.  I really can’t sit down for any period of time.  It hurts a little.  Lying on the bed is ok, but feels a bit anti social during daylight hours despite a very accepting lovely blonde lady.  The hot tub wins, lifting the weight out of my body.  But it hammered it down yesterday afternoon and a win at Scrabble was preferred to rain.

I’m currently awake early feeling quite agitated by it all.  I’ve even stolen some of my sister’s shortbread for comfort.  And, as I attempt to utilise lying on the settee in a new effort at comfort, waiting for the Anglesey vista to appear out of the darkness, I wonder how on earth those further down the line of cancer deterioration cope.

Make today the day we hit £3,000 for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation