It would be hard for me to argue that research on one type of cancer should be reduced to free up funds for another.

I’m no expert on how such decisions are made.  Perhaps somewhere experts sit in a room making these big decisions based on potential breakthroughs.

But as I sit and stare at the numbers above I’m bewildered by things.  The biggest killer gets least research money.  The killer that crosses the sexes gets least research money.  The killer that will kill me gets least research money.

And it’s not as if the numbers are close.  The gap per death is staggeringly huge.  Granted, lung cancer is a sod to shift.  But it’s almost like nobody’s trying.  And for the first time I’m really angry.

I don’t really know how health experts, politicians or anybody can remotely justify the discrepancy.  Fight your biggest killer the hardest.  You might save more lives that way.

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