My walking is inhibited.  I can’t run.  Marathons and mountain climbing aren’t going to happen.  But the BBC story on how poorly cancer research money is allocated to the biggest cancer killer has led me to ask for voluntary donations from anybody reading the blog.


There is no obligation.  You may have charities that are closer to home.  You may lack resource and that’s fine.  But if you can, even if it’s only a fiver, please donate.  And feel free to donate again on pay day.  And the following pay day.

In return I’ll commit to maintaining the blog as long as my health allows.  That’s the good, the bad and maybe the painfully sad that awaits me in what’s left of my life.

I still have hope of new treatments.  Matrix Trials.  Christie Hospital trials.  Miracle.  The reality is that I’m running out of treatments at an alarming rate.

Money raised will go to the Roy Castle Lung Foundation.  It’s not to pay for my treatment for me.  It’s to pay for research and a future where lung cancer will be beaten.

Did Poor Budget Allocation Leave Me to Certain Death?