While sleep has felt odd since chemotherapy, last night was a breakthrough.  No painkillers.

Ive not exactly been in agony from the cancer pain but there have been occasions where it’s peaked and niggled on irritatingly through the night.  My range of pain relief has also brought the uncomfortable side effect of constipation.

Last night, presumably as the radiotherapy continued to work its magic on my evil buttock tumour, I needed no drugs to minimise the pain.  While it’s not a situation that will last forever it is welcome.  Unlike a new three visits a night to the bathroom engine that is presumably flushing my kidneys out.

I pondered the hearing medical appointment as I drifted off.  Thirteen weeks to be seen.  Then told to see an audiologist in a further five weeks.  Surely somewhere in the system the middleman could have made a phone diagnosis to decide “deaf bloke needs an audiologist” and cut several weeks out of the process.

An eighteen week process when I have a rather major underlying condition that kills people in months seems bonkers.  And this is fast track!

The Yorkshire Clinic