It’s around nine months since my right ear was declared deaf. A by-product of facial palsy that hit at around the time of my cancer diagnosis in 2016.

The left ear occasionally comes out in sympathy, some sort of internal bubble forming that makes hearing echoey and pretty unpleasant.

Today I see an ENT specialist. I suspect they won’t be able to do anything helpful. Time will tell.

Although time isn’t exactly in great supply. While radiotherapy and chemotherapy seem to have had initial success in reducing my pain killer intake, it’s not inconceivable that I won’t be here once the summer has gone.

A rapid correction to my hearing would be a welcome way to ease the more unpleasant thoughts in my mind. Although the initial referral process to get this far has already taken many months. My deafness toured the Americas last year!

So I’ll head up to the Yorkshire Clinic soon and find out what can be done. Ironic that it’s the same venue that would have treated my cancer had my then employer’s BUPA covered secondary nastiness in the disease.

It would be nice to hear properly again. And enjoy the return of my long missing pretty boy face.

No Nay Never