A terminal lung cancer diagnosis comes with perks.  The blue disabled badge is welcome for making parking easier.  And often free.  The mobility car has magicked up a BMW for me.  Well it’s nice to see out life in a sexy car.  Five years free prescriptions too.  Quite handy given the array of painkillers I have lined up in my middle drawer.  Free hospital car parking too!

Indeed, apart from the restricted movement, pain and certain death it’s quite a good deal!

Alas, the last two nights have featured pain.  It could be that the pelvic damage is interfering with the nerves.  It might just be that I’ve been lying at the wrong angle.  Or, and perhaps most likely, there’s a little tumour flaring up towards the top of my pelvis.  The pain radiates out in the way it did last time I had a tumour regrow.

Now it is possible that this progression could yet be checked by the osimertinib.  I was convinced a few weeks ago that a new pain a bit further to the left was cancer returning.  But time seems to have seen that fade away.

The last two nights have been identical though.  Take a bedtime naproxen, get to 11pm and suffer.  Paracetamol first.  No effect.  Give it an hour or so.  A single amitryptolene.  The knockout blow never came.  Two tramadol next.  Pain recedes a little and sleep eventually arrives.  When I wake up late morning the pain has virtually gone and the area affected just feels lightly bruised.

I’ve avoided the slow release morphine pills because previous experience tells me they destroy my next day with a feeling of high and excessive sleep.

I am nearly out of tramadol though.  They haven’t been prescribed since 2015 as other drugs and pain free runs have been effective for me.  Hopefully my GP will approve my online request for more.

Meanwhile, the inevitable worry about the progress of this latest pain is on my mind.

Minus 70 Celsius!