Last June saw our first class New England trip.  I’m still a proud wearer of the British Airways pyjamas that came as part of the luxury flying experience that month.

Of the many trips on our driving holiday that fortnight, we made it to the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  A narrow winding road to the summit giving excellent views over a very green countryside below.

And a visitor centre that enjoyed telling us about world record wind speeds measured at the summit decades earlier.

Tonight, according to the BBC, the extreme cold weather hitting the east side of North America will lead to a temperature of minus 70 Celsius at the summit.  Minus 95 Fahrenheit in local money.

The report doesn’t mention wind chill factor.  But it’s hard to imagine that’s where the mercury has gone.  Still, while our visit may well have been late spring / early summer, I’ve got a little feeling of excitement that we’ve visited somewhere that has subsequently reported extreme weather of this nature.

And the low gear, overheating engine risk drive back down the mountain was a little hair raising too.  I’m not sure I’d fancy it tonight!

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