Having spent much of my working life in a bank branch, paying in cash or cheques has always been easy.  Indeed, as manager, even easier.  A quick word with a cashier and mysteriously the thing would be in my account within seconds.

I recently got two refund cheques from Virgin Trains after their services were disrupted on our epic trip to Southend.  First thought was to drive them down to the Halifax in Halifax town centre on Friday.  New roadworks were causing chaos.  I turned around.

Sowerby Bridge branch on Saturday morning then.  Alas, the double whammy of amitryptolene and tramadol overnight made me late for picking up Chris.  Opportunity missed.  My first visit to the Sowerby Bridge branch aborted by drugs.

Breakfast with Chris at a Wetherspoons in Shaw.  They used to have an agency just down the road I could have wandered into.  They all closed in 2009.  Indeed, 3,500 of them closed during my working life.  Only 600 branches left now.  And probably not for long.

Today I braved icy payments and negotiated those roadworks to finally deposit these pieces of paper worth money.  When I started work in 1986 I recall the ATM being clever enough to take deposits as well as dispense cash.

These days it seems progress means you have to queue at one machine to pay in and then queue at another machine to withdraw.  Unless you’ve already queued at the counter and been herded over to the machines by friendly staff trying to speed up their own redundancy cheque.  Then you can complete three in branch queuing experiences.

Nope, still not missing work!

Ouch! That Hurts!