It’s 2am Sunday morning.  The riff in the video below keeps going through my head as pain seats through my right thigh.  I put different words to it.

The pain feels like what I thought was zometa pain six or seven weeks back.  This time it only attacks one thigh.  An intense agony deep inside.  While it could be zometa, last time it struck was hours after completing an away day too.  Maybe these trips take too much out of me.

I head for the painkillers.  Paracetamol seemed futile but I downed a couple anyway. Two of my handful of remaining tramadol joined it.  And a spoonful of oral morphine.  Half an hour later and there was no let up in pain.

Thre choices left.  Morphine slow release.  Didn’t ease the pain last time but sent me to sleep right hours later.  Hospital for a morphine drip.  Or amitriptyline.  A nerve suppressant that in larger doses is also an anti-depressant.

I went for option three.  A single pill.  And as if by magic I slept for seven uninterrupted hours with no knowledge of pain.  Awaking to no pain, other than that caused by our pitiful Ashes efforts at the Adelaide Oval.

Despite being inactive today, I fear the night and what it might bring.  I’m sure my pre-Christmas CTscan or last Friday’s X-ray will reveal the cause.  But it might not be an explanation I want to hear.

First Class Failure