English cricketers have been suffering down under.  And it’s becoming clear that had I made the epic journey I’d be struggling too.

The three big trips I made between June and September were fantastic.  But they were made with a companion.  Even then, they took it out of me a little.

My struggle with Saturday’s trip to Southend tells me a lot about myself.  Being knocked from behind after leaving the football ground rattled me.  One of these days I’ll end up swinging my walking stick at a thoughtless so and so doing the same.

Lugging my big suitcase solo across Oz would probably have been achievable, but I’m not convinced I’d have stayed strong throughout.  Sunday morning’s evil thigh pain happening in Airbnb landlord occupied accommodation might not have been popular.

And while weather at the two games of cricket I’m meant to have attended has been cooler than expected, sitting in the same place all day with my dying leg wouldn’t have been fun.  Nor would sitting amongst jubilant Aussies!

I have no regrets over booking the trip.  And any regrets about cancelling it are diminishing every time we lose another wicket!

The Night Pain Keeps Coming – Can’t Really Keep on Running