It’s sixteen years to the day since George Harrison the Beatle was killed by lung cancer.  He was 58.  He’ll be remembered by a few more than I will, but it’s an anniversary of an event that coincides with Liverpool based charity The Roy Castle Foundation lobbying MPs to do more around funding for research into lung cancer.

The simple fact is that despite being the biggest cancer killer in the UK the amount of research money thrown at the illness is lower than the body count says it should be.  I’m not privy to the reasons for this.  I’d hate to be the one pointing the finger saying “that type of cancer gets too much money” but surely the biggest killer should get a bigger share of the pot.

If it had done, maybe I’d have longer to live.  Maybe I was doomed anyway.  But more would be alive today,

Here’s a bit of George Harrison to cheers you up.  Classic pop from one of the greats.  Enjoy.

I Struggle With Short Term Thinking