It hasn’t been the most active of visits.  It wasn’t really meant to be.  I did think that I’d perhaps get out and about yesterday, but in the end, in part due to a new back strain, I focused on hot tub, sauna and steam room and enjoyed a very English tea and scones in the lounge in the afternoon.

The hot tub is beneficial to me.  The water allows me to rest my aching bones in a unique way.  Taking pressure off them.  The jets soothe too.  Whereas sitting in a chair can often hurt, sitting in heated water allows me to raise my midsection off the ground and have it float in comfort.

So after another tasty breakfast, I’ll drive the two hours back home.  Pick up my free hospital car parking pass and meet up with my sister before heading to the land of the oncologist.

Would I do this trip again?  Possibly, although it would be cheaper to head to Anglesey and enjoy exclusive use of my sister’s hot tub without charge.  But I have to cook my own brekkie there!

What is clear is that my more active holidays of earlier this year are tougher to do.  If I’m going to get out and about its going to challenge me more.  And if the aches and pains won’t go away I’m not quite as up for that challenge as I was.

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