These meetings tend to be fairly routine.  I describe how I’ve been feeling, things carry on as is.

Usually I just remember things and share them.  Last month I typed them out for the benefit of memory.  To my surprise, Oncobabe acted on one comment by getting me to whip my trousers off and wave my legs in the air while lying on her couch!  She decided my right leg was weaker than my left.  Interesting diagnosis as I’d been sharing the same information with her for the best part of a year.

An MRI scan was ordered and I’m interested to see what the results are when we meet again on Thursday afternoon.  It’ll be three and a half weeks since I had the scan.  I do hope they’ve actually bothered to produce a radiologist report this time!

On my list this time will be:

Right leg remains weak.  Pain at top of pelvis / bottom of back some of the time.  Hips can sometimes suffer at night.  Constipation, presumably caused by painkillers.  No pain reaction to zometa this month.

As I understand it, her job is to provide me with palliative support.  In other words make as much as possible of what’s left of my life comfortable and normal.

But there’s been nothing normal about the last twelve months.

Me, Six Women and a Lakeside Hot Tub