Well as headlines go that’s not a bad one, is it?  Albeit that they all got out about five minutes after I joined them!

I’m quite chuffed with the deal I got on this hotel.  I assume booking late helped, but £60 a night for some great views over Windermere and breakfast to come pleases me.  And sitting in the hot tub staring out at those views as the light faded was great.

I had planned to eat out.  The hotel menu is priced a little bit on the high side.  But in the end I ate nothing but a handful of prunes to help (unsuccessfully so far) clear up a minor medical issue down below!

I am sat here trying to make sense of my current health situation.  My mobility remains impaired but I can still move around, a little slowly, without looking like a complete crock.  There’s a bone pain somewhere between back and pelvis and, from time to time, my hips hurt.  The latter kept me awake last night until I finally succumbed to taking a naproxen pain killer.  That’ll offset the benefits of the prunes!

I don’t think they do room service for breakfast.  So I’ll shortly haul myself into the shower that sits over a bath.  Last night I was easily successful in climbing over the side of the bath to benefit.  There’s something of a paradox in how the osimertinib is working on me.  Before I started using it, baths had been a problem as my pelvic tumour grew.  Now they’re a lot easier.  But other new aches and pains seem to be afflicting me in different ways.  There’s a little sense of relief that I’m not flying from Brisbane to Cairns and driving on to Port Douglas today to take on rainforest, crocodile farms and the Great Barrier Reef.

I’ve no plans for the day.  Doubtless it will involve sauna, steam room and hot tub at some point.  All seem beneficial to my aches and pains.  Maybe a drive out somewhere tomorrow.