Next Tuesday’s visit to see Oncobabe has been put back 48 hours.  The first response was a moment of irritation.  I only booked the appointment last week after the hospital failed to confirm when they were going to see me.

Next response was to grab my osimertinib life retainer pills and count them carefully.  They run out next Friday, so a Thursday prescription should be ok.  Hopefully.

It then grabbed my attention that I had three or four days of uncluttered time next week.  While popping over to Pompeii and the surrounding area appeals, my flight ban has me looking closer to home.  And The Lake District is just two hours or so drive away.

While I had in mind a friendly B&B, a hotel has come up tops with a mix of views, breakfast and hot tub combined with a 10% Black Friday discount.  I was quite excited with the discount as I’d have booked without it.  Minutes after booking an email promising a 12% discount materialised.  £3.66 lost!

I do prefer the beauty of nearby Coniston.  Occasionally visiting there with my Mum and sister as a child.  And I’ll doubtless drive around it one of the three days I’m there.  But Windermere will do as a location.  And I don’t have to cook my own breakfast!

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