It’s something of a futile exercise trying to work out what caused my cancer.  The key lifestyle precursor to my diagnosis was a successful health kick.  Over a two year period I turned myself from a very fat bloke into a merely overweight bloke.

Walking.  Healthier and less eating.  Coffee reduction.  All the sorts of things that “they” say you should do to enjoy a long and healthy life.

The last couple of days of news have told me that my 90% reduction in coffee intake made me more likely to get cancer.  Those free plastic cup fulls of a substance passing itself off as coffee from the office vending machine were doing me so much good.  The switch to water, tea or even lemon in hot water, at the expense of coffee, might be what’s done for me!

I also switched from enjoying a sugary Coke to taking in diet versions of drinks.  They do say that something in that gives you cancer.  But then being overweight is another cancer risk,  so you can’t bleedin’ win.

And being honest, I can’t tolerate coffee without sugar or sweetener.  Both of which are supposedly bad.  So my switch to unsweetened tea was surely a good thing, right?

So despite the numerous academic surveys that appear telling you what today’s miracle fruit is, or how a bottle of red a night  is good or bad for you, I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever lifestyle changes I made were made for the right reasons.

Ending up with lung cancer was just one of those things.  A random act of unkindness from somewhere.  A freak of nature that did for me, rather than anything I did to myself.

Hi Dave, Are You Still Alive?