Aviva provide the bulk of my income.  £550 a month.  It was Friends Life health insurance policy but a takeover changed that.  My bank account continues to receive the cash though.

Rob, it seems, hasn’t lost his job in the takeover.  Three months to the day he’s rung me again.  A well spoken gentleman enquiring about my health and treatment.  I furnish him with information about my medication change and walking stick.

I choose not to overplay things.  He asks about specialist appointments and I confirm I’m still seeing Oncobabe.  In the medical sense.

Two minutes forty six seconds later the call ends.  His sign off is that the company will carry on supporting my claim.  Sporting of them!

What he doesn’t do is ask the key question.  “Are you dead yet?”.   Given my condition, it’s obvious I’m not going to get getter.  So I can only assume he’s tasked to ensure I’m still ticking over, in an ever so subtle way.

It’s all pleasant enough.  But it is moderately intrusive.  Hopefully I’ll still be in passable condition when he calls again in February.  I’ll even get a pay rise in April!

Making Phone Calls