Well the syringe worked.  Both ears are now wax free.  The left one is great.  The right one one still about 80% deaf, marginally improved.  Looks like the eye specialist was right to blame it on the dreaded palsy.

Still, it’s an improvement that I’m grateful for.  My little tube of eye drops can go and live in a drawer out if site.

I have also been able to use the phone for talking.  Novel.   Sorting out my share certificate to online dealing account.  I need stamps now.  Booking a hospital appointment for the eye.  And the sad moment of closing my American Express Platinum charge card.

I paid £450 for this card in a moment of excitement.  35,000 Avios, travel insurance (with relevant exclusions), car hire excess cover (which paid out £250 after a wing mirror calamity in Montenegro) and airport lounge access everywhere but Reykjavik.  Indeed, as we belted around Chile it was particularly welcome in remote corners of the country.  The good news is that they’ll refund me £112.50 of my annual free too.  The bad news is that if I want another one I have to wait six months!

Overall, I think I’m up on the deal.  Granted, my croissant and coffee in Bratislava airport wasn’t exactly up to scratch, but the lounge pass did help feed me internationally at times when I’d have been very reluctant to by airline food or pay for overpriced airport refreshments.

If I’m back in the international travel game again next May I might just treat myself to a new one.  Although I’ve 144,000 Avios to use up with a BA Silver membership that allows lounge access with certain airlines anyway.

It’s good to talk.  But it’s even better to hear again, even if not fully.

Where is Everything Up To?