Okay, describing my sister’s Anglesey retreat as paradise might be overplaying things.  But it’s private.  Surrounded by woodland and farmer’s fields.  Has a hot tub. And it’s free.  I also really like the place.  It’s pretty cool.

Friday evening’s trip from West Yorkshire was fraught with traffic issues.  Bag backed.  Food packed.  Rachel collected from cosmopolitan downtown Halifax station.  The M62 and M60 were unkind.  And an hour into a  challenging drive towards north Wales the thought struck.  I’d forgotten my key.

Two hours extra driving if I turn around and collect it.  The farmer who owns the land has a spare, but can he be contacted?  The site warden only works to the end of October.  A calm Rachel refused to shout at me!

I turn off the motorway at junction 19, pull over and call my sister.  Fortunately she’s at home near Stockport.  And kindly sends my brother in law on an errand of mercy to a clandestine meeting place just off the M60.  Well, Tesco near where I bought my first home in 1990.

Andrew arrives with key.  Instructions on the new hot tub straps installed after Storm Brian has released the existing arrangement last month.  Even some toilet rolls too!  Crisis averted, albeit nearly an hour added to our journey.  But a much appreciated rescue mission after a fairly basic error on my part.

The A55 was kind.  The rest of the journey smooth.  The weather cruel.  Friday evening hot tub time cancelled by rain.  Pizza and wine.  England v Germany.  Good company.

Saturday brought slightly better weather.  Cooked breakfast.  Hot tub time.  Eyes peeled for non-existent red squirrels.  Genuine relaxation.

I have developed a new ailment.  My shoulder is in severe pain.  While it could be the cancer this seems unlikely while at such an early stage of the osimertinib and noting its success with my buttock.  So I’m assuming some sort of rotater cuff injury.  And suddenly standing up is difficult again.  Sleeping impaired.  Life just a little less fun.

But the hot tub soothes.  Time isn’t under pressure.  I’m ok!

Stocking Up