The GP visit ended with a diagnosis of ear wax.  Two weeks of olive oil drops, syrunging and if I’m still deaf they’ll have another think.  I know the doctor who identified my deafness is an eye specialist, but I’m feeling rather let down by him right now.

Today there are no medical appointments.  More medicine, in the form of olive oil drops and a new frustration.  I’ve done something to my shoulder.  It hurts when I cough.  Maybe using a walking stick has caused it?  Or perhaps my lymphatic nodes are swollen with cancer.  Who knows!?

My sister has arranged for the hot tub to be turned on by the farmer who owns the land her holiday retreat is on.  So if we arrive in good time I can remove my toe bandages and clamber in to the warm illuminated water.

Before that there’s the big shop.  While a supermarket visit used to be part of my weekly routine, in my more recent months I’ve not needed to visit as often.  My job is bacon, eggs, mushrooms, ham, butter and prosecco.  I might get sausages too.  Rachel is bringing the M&S meal for two.  Out for a meal on Sunday.  Home on Monday.  My sister’s bread maker will get a working over while we’re there.

But it is basically a weekend in the hot tub with interruptions for meals.  It might not be business class to Doha and Sydney but I’ll take it.

Now My Partial Deafness in the Right Ear is Total