In May my Bell’s palsy was giving my right eye a tough time and I was referred to the eye clinic.  The nice doctor picked up on hearing loss in my right ear.  When he scraped his fingers together next to my ears, right was about 25% as effective as left.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve struggled more. And on scraping my fingers next to the offending ear I now realise the deafness in it is total.

I’ve hit Google.  My Bell’s palsy might not be Bell’s palsy.  It might be Ramsey Hunt Syndrome.  Or Horners Syndrome.  In truth my symptoms don’t quite match any of these.  It reads like some sort of hybrid of the three conditions.

So I’m going to call it Rhymes With Hunt Syndrome because wonky face, sore eye, seismically shifted bleeding nostrils and total deafness on one side is a bit of a rhymes with hunt of a situation to be in.

They’ve got an MRI scan on file.  They eye doctor never suggested  see anybody else.  After all, these palsy conditions just go away on their own.  If I don’t die first.

GP time at 2pm.

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