It was always a long shot, expecting to see the Nortern Lights from Anglesey.  And they duly failed to appear.

As we headed outside on a cold, clear evening, another treat opened up above us.  The night sky.

Initially, just lying their enjoying the warm water on my slightly improving shoulder, just a few stars appeared.  But as I stared harder, more seemed to shine hard out of the heavens.  And then, with more looking and perhaps the drifting on of some thin high cloud, the Milky Way became partially visible.

Now it fair to say I’ve been lucky enough to see clearer views of the night sky over the years.  But Death Valley, Grand Canyon, some place in Utah that I forget the name of.  These aren’t exactly on my doorstep.

A short trip from San Pedro de Atacama delivered a wonderful view of the Southern Hemisphere skies in July.  The dry atmosphere a gift.  That was probably second to none.  But this is my sister’s holiday home in North Wales.  A little bit easier to get to than those other locations.

I don’t proclaim to be any sort of expert astronomer.  But I do like staring at the beauty of the skies.  Not really wondering about life elsewhere.  Not reappraising my role as a cynical agnostic bordering on atheist as I take in the heavens.  But there is a beauty that you can find once you get yourself away from lit streets and cities.

Enough to make me miss Life on Earth.

The Key to Paradise