The good news is my latest miracle drug is still working.  Any thoughts that I can still feel my pelvic tumour are just about gone.  Although I do still scratch my back where it used to tickle me.

That’s not to say it’s all plain sailing.  My right leg is stronger and moving freely, but still has a sense of pins and needles in it.  Whether the shrunken tumour is still pressing against the nerve or whether the nerve remains crushed in some way I don’t know.  But while it’s better, it’s not completely right.

There have also been sporadic pains in the leg where I imagine there’s been tissue damage caused by the tumour.  Fact or psycho-semantic impact?  I haven’t got a clue and a scan is a long way off.  I have popped a couple of paracetamol at times.  But none of the serious pain relievers.

I’ve not taken on any walks beyond the stairs at home and getting to the hot tub in Anglesey.  Tomorrow sees a return to watching football and I might cover a few extra yards between parking and seat than I’ve challenged myself to since the drug came.

I will ask more about my physical limitations on Tuesday when I visit the hospital for some bone strengthening medicine to be pumped into me.  Oncobabe’s talk of broken leg risk has me behaving cautiously.  Or lazily.

In summary though, the improvements across the first four days of osimertinib were dramatic.  Days five to eleven have me unaware of any changes.

100,000 Avios and Can’t Fly!