I can put both socks on with minimal strain.  Two weeks ago this was hard work, with multiple attempts usually needed.

I can walk up the stairs moving each leg beyond the other.  Two weeks ago I had to allow my right leg to join the left leg on the same stair before progressing.

I no longer need to utilise the stair railing for support.  I can now carry a cup of tea and any other object upstairs without the fear of falling.

I can get into my car without having to manually lift my right leg off the road with my hands and heave it into the footwell.

Getting out of bed is no longer an event that I have to prepare myself for.  I can just do it without having to think about it.

I can sleep on my sides.  I’ve been comfortable on my back most nights, but turning to the side has been a gargantuan effort best avoided.

Puttin my pyjamas on while standing up.  Wow.

I still have a numbness in the right leg.  I was hoping it would go away.  But the relative joy of being able to carry out simple movements again after weeks of struggle – priceless.

Day 11 – Osimertinib