Last night I hit 100,000 Avios.  Again.  Not bad having run down my stash to zero to fly first class to Boston in June.

Perhaps less exciting when your medics aren’t keen for you to fly anywhere.

Irritating when the most cost effective use of Avios is long haul business class flying. While I could cash in the points and overload myself with dozens of bottles of wine, stay in a few hotel rooms or hire a couple of cars, Avios are best value for flying posh.  And, at least for now, I’m not allowed.

100,000 will get me a return fare from the UK to New York alone.  As long as I throw in over £500 in “taxes” to BA.  Or I could transfer my BA Avios to Iberia Avios.  And fly from Madrid to New York for 64,000 Avios plus just £175 in “taxes”.  Plus a flight to Madrid of course.

It’s not that I have a compelling desire to see New York again.  I’m just trying to explain the value of what I can’t use.  Hopefully I will fly again and burn these points on something productive.  The Iberia trick to save points and cash, if not time, is one that others should note.

I don’t think I could bear to wastefully spend these points on poor value ancillary purchases.  If my health declines before I spend them the plan is to create a family account with Chris and give him some opportunities.  While officially the points cease when I do, if they’re attached to a family account and nobody tells the Avios people I’m a goner Chris can continue to spend them.

I’ll have to ensure I train him well in the dark arts of Avios accrual and redemption.  It’s a game I enjoy.  Even if I might not get a decent use of my current stash for myself.

Am I Facing a Flight Ban?