We’ve woken up this morning in some sort of impressive apartment fifteen minutes walk from the Las Vegas strip has raised the question of what to do.

We have two days before jetting back to Dublin.  The plan in our heads when booking was to chill.  If we’d flown anywhere else that would be easy.  But the resort staff spent a fair old time trying to get us to eat elsewhere, sit through timeshare presentations and see a show.

My mobility is still restrictive so it’s possible that I’ll stick to the original plan and stay put.  Rachel will head off and do a solo shopping trip near Caesars Palace.  There’s a plan for me to see an old work colleague who I used to deliver machine made cups of tea to with great regularity.

Weve both agreed that the drive thru wedding chapel isn’t the way to go.  Not quite an opportunity to take advantage of!

Death Valley From the South